About Abaco

A Quebec company founded in 1984, Abaco is located in Anjou’s Industrial Park in Montreal.

We are always at your side to find the best solutions for your needs. We can package, un-package or re-package your product.

Abaco is specialised in secondary packaging activities and works as a facilitator in a B2B environment (Business-to-business) for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, homeopathic, natural health, printing and consumer products industries. Our secondary packaging operations are conducted in our plant and are audited by Health Canada.

More than 100 employees on 2 work-shifts put out their own personal best to meet your highest satisfaction standards.

For more than 28 years we have acquired a vast experience and know-how that guarantee you a timely and meticulous work.

Why choose ABACO?

  • Sub-contracting with flat rates
    Free your employees for lucrative activites
  • Fast and flexible execution
    Meet your challenges quickly
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification and GMP licences
    Have your peace of mind
  • Diverse and numerous equipment
    Obtain many different services under the same roof
  • Largest handicapped persons employer
    Participate in a wonderful social mission


Abaco works with a double mission. Our commercial mission is, just as for the majority of businesses, to satisfy our client’s highest standards, to be professional and proactive in all and any of its activities and to offer the best value for your money. To this commercial mission is attached our social mission which for us, are inseparable. This social mission consists in offering a stable, well paid and enriching job to people that would not necessarily access easily “regular” jobs because of their disability. These persons are able to work, but must be supervised differently in order to fully develop their potential and offer our clients an even better quality job than can be found elsewhere. Their professionalism, diligence and desire to exceed our expectations ensure they are incredible resources to offer the very best to our clients.


Founded in 1984, Atelier Abaco had basketery as its main commercial activity, which enabled then a dozen blind persons to work full-time in a completely adapted environment.  Little by little, our services have migrated to packaging and assembly, where the tasks could be more diverse for our employees and the products offered to our clients could be as well. Abaco was able to become, throughout its evolution, the very best in its field. For now almost thirty years, it has been the distinctive needs of both our employees and our clients that have driven us to exceed our own expectations every day.


Our plant is located near principal highways and is of easy access for any type of transportation, be it public transit or trucks. It is within a 25,000 square feet layout that we can carry out all our projects, including spaces that meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements. Our plant works on two shifts to offer a more flexible and timely execution and allows more than one hundred employees to become available to meet your needs. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, please come and visit us, you will always be welcome!